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210/6/2022 3:19 PM

​RE: OPNAVINST 3000.12B & Operational Availability Handbook

Greetings All -

Updated Ao instruction for DoN. The specifics moved into Operational Availability Handbook. Cant find this handbook on either RDAIS or anywhere on

Does anyone have--  or can point me in right direction? 

Many thanks.


BRIAN MANNY10/6/2022 5:38 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: BRIAN KNOBLOCK
38/16/2022 3:40 PM

​Recently took over position as program DAPML and I'm new to much of the work. Our LCSP is incredibly out of date in several areas, especially when it comes to updates related to PSAs. I realize that the LCSP doesn't require approved updates at every turn, but being a living document, waiting to update it with relevant information only at specific intervals is obviously not an effective system. Currently working on a plan to incorporate a working copy that updates as information becomes available. Looking for ideas that have worked on other programs that prompt team members / stakeholders to provide inputs as the become relevant

dau03136101388/17/2022 3:28 PMNo
06/14/2022 10:21 AM

​The USD(A&S) issued a call for nominations for the 2022 SECDEF Product Support Manager (PSM) Annual Awards in a new June 13, 2022 memo.

6/14/2022 10:21 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: LEESA LAFFERRE-THOMAS
304/25/2018 12:13 PM

​Please take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the community: what are your interests, your expertise that you'd be willing to share with the community, your questions that need answered?

dau212660008364/7/2022 11:14 AMYes
Picture Placeholder: RICHARD GARTMAYER
04/20/2021 2:12 PM

Are there requirements to update any Product Support program documents after a system is in service? I presume that the LCSP might be a candidate if the PS strategy has changed.  The only specific reference I can find is in NAVSO P3562 (Logistics Assessments), which only cites the PESHE: "... continually updated and maintained throughout the progression of a program or project, from concept to disposal."

4/20/2021 2:12 PMNo

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