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Air Force Life Cycle Logistics LCL Workforce Guidebook, DTD 23 Oct 13

According to the introduction, "this Guidebook is designed as a resource for both civilian and military members of the life cycle logistics (LCL) workforce, individuals who are interested in LCL positions and senior logisticians across the AF. It includes a variety of items of interest including a career roadmap, suggested LCL broadening and training activities, and a discussion of the Product Support Manager (PSM) position, its responsibilities, and its implementation within the Air Force. It provides information on how Life Cycle Logisticians (LCLs) can best develop themselves professionally, how they can become PSMs, and options for attaining leadership positions. This Guidebook places emphasis on the PSM position because AF leadership considers it an important aspect of the logistics workforce due to its critical integration components and leadership responsibilities." This document provides an excellent overview of the Air Force life cycle logistics workforce, responsibilities, expectations career progression, and professional development. Career field members from other Services and Defense Agencies are also welcome and encouraged to peruse this excellent resource for information about this defense acquisition workforce functional community.

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Air Force Life Cycle Logistics LCL Workforce Guidebook, DTD 23 Oct 13
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