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USD AT and L Key Leadership Positions and Qualification Criteria Policy Memo, DTD 8 Nov 13

The Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics issued this “Key Leadership Positions and Qualification Criteria” memo dated November 8, 2013. It states that “this memorandum provides expanded guidance on Key Leadership Positions (KLPs) and supersedes (the earlier August 25, 2010 Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics memorandum, "Government Performance of Critical Acquisition Functions"). The Department will ensure selected positions assigned to each Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP) and each Major Automated Information System (MAIS) (Acquisition Category (ACAT) I and lA) program are filled by properly qualified members of the Armed Forces or full-time employees of the Department of Defense (DoD). KLPs require a significant level of authority commensurate with the responsibility and accountability for acquisition program success. The Military Departments and Defense Agencies may designate a position as a KLP that meets specific criteria, including positions filled by 0-5/0-6 military personnel, GS-14/15 (or equivalent) civilian personnel, or higher. KLPs currently include tenure obligations and require Defense Acquisition Corps Membership and Level III Certification. All positions listed below will be designated as mandatory KLPs for ACAT I and lA programs and must be designated in the position category associated with the lead function.” The memo goes on to specify “with exception of the Program Executive Officers, Deputy Program Executive Officers, and Senior Contracting Officials, the following KLPs should be dedicated to a single ACAT Program”, including the “Product Support Manager (Program Lead Logistician)” among others. See also the updated list of specific functional requirements for Key Leadership Positions (KLP), including the PSM. Important Note: this November 8, 2013 memorandum officially supersedes USD (AT&L) Policy Memorandum “Government Performance of Critical Acquisition Functions” dated 25 August 2010. Attachmment 1 provides a summary of common cross-functional KLP requirements, including education, training , experience, competencies and currency. This includes mandatory requirement for college degree, and lists details of the specific requirements for the four overarching cross-functional competencies beyond the KLP's primary functional community (Executive Leadership, Program Execution, Technical Management, and Business Management). Reference Link: Most Current List Of Specific Functional Requirements For Key Leadership Positions KLP (http://icatalog.dau.mil/onlinecatalog/Specific_Functional_KLP_Requirements_Preferences.pdf)

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USD AT and L Key Leadership Positions and Qualification Criteria Policy Memo, DTD 8 Nov 13
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