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USD AT and L Memo Secretary of Defense Product Support Manager Award , DTD 28 Mar 14

On March 28, 2014, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics issued a memo entitled “Secretary of Defense Product Support Manager Award”, in which he announced the Second Annual PSM Award, stating “the Product Support Manager (PSM) is a critical program position in delivering weapon system readiness affordably and effectively. In recognition of PSM accomplishments and contributions toward achieving the goals outlined in Better Buying Power 2.0, this memorandum solicits nominations for the Secretary of Defense Product Support Manager of the Year Award.” Nominations for the PSM Award Program are due July 16, 2014 and submission instructions and criteria are attached to the memo. (Each of the Services will likely subsequently issue additional guidance related to submission of nominations, including potentially earlier internal Service submission requirements). PSM award winners in each category will be recognized at the annual Office of the Secretary of Defense Product Support Manager Workshop tentatively slated for the Fall 2014.  The memo goes on to acknowledge the important contributions the PSM makes, and highlights key requirements for this prestigious award, saying “the PSM is the Program Manager's expert on sustainment planning, responsible for implementing product support capabilities that affordably achieve the user's requirements for system availability. The award recognizes PSM contributions to controlling cost within affordability caps, promoting industry competition and innovation, and implementing effective product support strategies. The award honors outstanding PSMs in two categories: Major Defense Acquisition Programs, Acquisition Categories (ACATs) ID or IC PSM; and Major Weapon System/Other Weapon Systems, ACA T II and below PSMs. This award directly supports the Department's goal to enhance the Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW) with relevant and realistic incentives, increased capabilities, and recognition of the PSM as an important partner in providing the very best systems for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. It furthers the DAW (defense acquisition workforce) vision of ‘creating a high quality, high-performing, agile DAW to achieve technological superiority and protect America's National Security.’” .

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USD AT and L Memo Secretary of Defense Product Support Manager Award , DTD 28 Mar 14
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