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Reliability Centered Maintenance RCM

RCM is a logical, structured process used to determine the optimal failure management strategies for any system, based upon system reliability characteristics and the intended operating context. RCM defines what must be done for a system to achieve the desired levels of safety, operational readiness, and environmental soundness at best cost. RCM is a continuous process which requires sustainment throughout the life cycle of a system. RCM utilizes data from the results achieved and feeds this data back to improve design and future maintenance. It is based on the following precepts:

  • The objective of maintenance is to preserve an item's function(s).  RCM seeks to preserve a desired level of system or equipment functionality.
  • The RCM process is a valuable life cycle management tool and should be applied from design through disposal.
  • RCM seeks to manage the consequences of failure - not to prevent all failures.
  • RCM identifies the most technically appropriate and effective maintenance task and/or default strategy.
  • RCM is driven first by safety. When safety (or a similarly critical consideration) is not an issue, maintenance must be justified on the ability to complete the mission and finally, on economic grounds.
  • RCM acknowledges design limitations and the operational environment. At best, maintenance can sustain the inherent level of reliability within the operating context over the life of an item.
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