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Policy and Guidance

OSD Memorandum on Award Fee Contracts.aspx
Reference11/9/2016 5:52 AM
Jul 07 2004 USD AT and L Instructions for Modular Open Systems Approach MOSA Implementation.aspx
Reference11/9/2016 11:14 PM
DoD Open Systems Architecture Initiative Website.aspx
ReferenceDoD5/18/2017 7:01 PM
FY17 NDAA Sec 805 MOSA Public Law 114-328.pdf
Learning Material7/19/2017 11:36 AM
DOD Defense Acquisition Guidebook.aspx
ReferenceDoD7/20/2017 9:49 AM
OSJTF Memo and Charter November 29 1994.pdf
Reference7/20/2017 9:53 AM
OSJTF Open Systems Acquisition Memo 10 Jul 1998.pdf
Reference7/20/2017 9:54 AM
Apr 24 2013 USD AT and L Memorandum for implementing Better Buying Power 2.0 http - - -
Reference7/24/2017 2:21 PM
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