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expand FAQ : Are there standard OT clauses? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : Do I have to make OT awards under a consortium OT? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : Does the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) apply to OTs?  If not, what guidance should I follow? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : How do I solicit proposals when I want to award OTs? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : How do OTs differ from procurement contracts? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : How does administration of OTs differ from contracts? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : I’m a warranted contracting officer.  Can I award an OT? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : Is R&D funding the only allowable funding type for my Prototype award? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What are Other Transactions (OTs)? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What are OTs for Production?  When can I award one? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What are the differences between OTs for Research and OTs for Prototype? When is it appropriate to use one versus the other? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What can I buy with an OT?  Can I buy anything like I can with a procurement contract? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What is the definition of a prototype? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What type of funding do I have to have to award an OT? ‎(1)
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