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Here you can find training information including Lessons Learned

Defense Acquisition University is proud to present the
1.  Neg-OTA-tion 101: This course will demystify Other Transaction Authority (OTA), providing a foundation to understand when an Other Transaction (OT) award may be used, to whom it may be awarded, practical applications, key legal considerations, as well as lessons learned from various DoD commands. Current trends, such as COVID-19 impacts and data rights best practices, will also be discussed and explored. Length = approx. 90 minutes.  Audience = 12 to 350 virtual participants.
2.  Simulated OTA Workshop: A scenario will be provided to the “team,” which should consist of various stakeholders (i.e. program office, contracts, requirements developers, engineer, finance, legal, intellectual property attorney, etc.), and the team will engage in hands-on simulations, working through the requirement from “inception” to “award.”  Common OT challenges will arise in the simulation, and the team will work together to overcome roadblocks, yielding lessons learned that may be applied in future practical situations.  Length = 2 to 2.5 days.  Audience size = 8 to 12 participants.
3.  OT Coaching: This option is intended for a command or program office that has successfully identified the requirement, determined the requirement to be appropriate for an OT, and funding is appropriate and available.  DAU’s SME will become embedded in the OT team as an advisor, providing helpful considerations, successful past examples of processes, actions that posed challenges, suggestions when roadblocks occur, and lessons learned.  OT Coaching will utilize the most current and relevant information. The coaching material will be tailored to the requirement and team members involved.  Length = Contingent on project.  Audience size = based on project.
To further discuss a menu item or to schedule a session, please contact Hallie Tremaine Balkin, Learning Director for Other Transactions (OTs):
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