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Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Community Homepage

The BasicsThe Basics
PBL Overview, Foundational PBL Tenets, Key Stakeholders, and more ...
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Policy and GuidancePolicy and Guidance
Policy and Guidance for DoD, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and more ...
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Results and SuccessesResults and Successes
Award-Winning PBL Programs, PBL Should-Cost Savings Initiatives and Successes, and more ...
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PSM ResourcesPSM Resources
PSM Overview, PSM Guidebook, PSM References, PSM Training, and more ...
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Reference LibraryReference Library
DoD PBL Graphics, PBL and Product Support Articles and Reports, PBL GAO and DoD IG Reports, and more ...
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PBL Awards AnnouncementPBL Awards Announcement
The annual Secretary of Defense PBL Awards recognize successful PBL programs...
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Ask the Community

​The 2022 Annual SECDEF Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Awards announcement memo was signed out by the USD(A&S) on June 13, 2022. 

6/14/2022 10:15 AM0No
Ask the Community

​Seats are still available in the next PBL Workshop.  Consult the iCatalog for details and sign up through your Service or agency site.

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6/3/2022 12:33 PM0No

​Check out the three (3) new PBL videos on our media page, including a Powerful Example on the Army's Stryker program and two videos featuring PBL advocate Jerry Beck on Warfighter Requirements and "Not One-Size-fits-All" describing successful component and subsystem PBLs. 

Picture Placeholder: SHAWN HARRISON
4/14/2022 3:39 PM0No
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Bill Kobren


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Do you think any changes are needed in law or policy to better facilitate PBL arrangements in the DoD? In your organization? If so, what do they relate to?
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