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USAF Learning Assets - PBL References and Resources

These United States Air Force learning assets, developed by The University of Tennessee, provide a body of knowledge and useful information aimed at tailored training,targeted workshops, reference material, and implementation tools for enabling the USAF to make progress in implementing Performance-Based Logistics (PBL). Their stated goal was to improve and expand the implementation of PBL in Air Force programs at both the system and subsystem level.  The work provides organizations and functional areas with usable tools and learning assets to assist them in designing, developing, and implementing PBL consistent with policy and recognized best practices aligned with DoD’s continuing evolution and implementation of Performance-Based Logistics. The documents include detailed information on:  Foundational PBLTenets PBL Tenet References PBL Decision Framework Product Support Business Case Analysis (BCA) PBL Contracting Insights These  learning assets are provided here for use by Defense Acqusition Workforce personnel as a means of sharing detailed information, insights, and perspectives on the foundational tenets of what constitutes a successful Performance Based Logistics (also known as a Performance Based Life Cycle Product Support or PBL) arrangements. Important Disclaimer:  Each of the five documents posted on this site (Learning Asset PBL Tenets Guidebook, Learning Asset Tenets Reference, Learning Asset PBL Decision Framework, Learning Asset BCA, and Learning Asset PBL Contracting Insights) are Copyright ©2012 The University of Tennessee, and Supply Chain Visions.  Some portions of these materials were funded by government contract FA7014-06-D-0019. No part of these materials may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted or distributed in any manner or form without the permission of The University of Tennessee, or as to agencies of the U.S. Government, permission from SAF/AQX-ACPO.  Publication of this material – in whole or in part - on this DoD PBL Community of Practice as well as the Department’s PBL Standard and Repeatable Processes source book has been granted by the University of Tennessee, Supply Chain Visions, and the United States Air Force.  Users of this DoD PBL Community of Practice are granted permission by The University of Tennessee, Supply Chain Visions, and the United States Air Force to access, download, reproduce, store, transmit and/or distribute these materials without limitation or restriction.

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USAF Learning Assets - PBL References and Resources
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