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Award Winning PBL Programs

Award Display at the Pentagon

Secretary of Defense Performance Based Logistics: The Gerald R. Beck Memorial PBL Award


The Late Gerald "Jerry" Beck Shares Perspectives on the PBL Value Proposition (2:28)

Nomination Memo: Under Secretary of Defense 2023 PBL Award Call for Nominations Memo New!

DoD PBL Annual Award Winners

Below is a consolidated list of the system, subsystem, and component level winners of the Secretary of Defense Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Award since its inception in 2005. To facilitate the sharing of lessons learned, best practices, and initiatives that led to each of these programs being selected as the best PBL program in the Department of Defense that year, the name of each program is hyperlinked to its respective award nomination package (through 2017; there were no awards for 2018). Beginning in 2019, the award nomination packages are included as part of the award memo.


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