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Getting Back-To-Basics - Empowering the Workforce. Learn more at
The Department of Defense (DoD) is modernizing its implementation of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) to a 21st Century talent management framework. The initiative significantly streamlines the certification construct and re-focuses training resources for the Defense Acquisition Workforce. 

Learn how Back-To-Basics impacts the Program Management Functional Area.

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Summary Description
Prog Mgmt Funct Competencies 160906 (003) 14.pdf
Approved competencies will be used as a basis to develop learning objectives for program management courses and other training materials.
On 6 Sep 2016, the Program Management Functional Leader, Mr. James MacStravic, formally approved an updated list of Program Management Career Field Competencies.
In developing these competencies, Program Management is considered the knowledge, capabilities and practices associated with formulating, planning, implementing, managing, tracking and evaluating projects/programs and their associated requirements and risks, ranging from small one-time projects to major system-of-system programs. This document attempts to specifically state the Program Management competencies required to deliver mission critical capabilities in terms of equipment and services to the user. Critical abilities are to define Component, customer and stakeholder needs and constraints; reduce ambiguity in objectives; develop and manage an efficient project organizational structure; and apply system architecture principles to develop and manage technical requirements in order to achieve the appropriate balance between resources, schedule, and technical requirements. This document also includes the knowledge associated with system architecture, finance, budgeting, risk assessment / management, schedule, configuration management, contract technical management, project controls, etc. All of these responsibilities are to be conducted by a manager, or under the supervision of a manager, and assigned staff members who have gained in-depth knowledge of their organization and the functions of their office.
AWQI eWorkbook User Guide.pdf
The Acquisition Workforce Qualification Initiative (AWQI) is an employee development tool used to capture demonstrated acquisition experience of the workforce. As a key element of Better Buying Power, AWQI aims to ensure that everyone who touches acquisition has the skills required to ensure successful acquisition outcomes.

Subject matter experts, beginning with acquisition competencies established by acquisition functional leaders, translated career field competencies into measurable on-the-job products and their corresponding tasks for each acquisition career field.

Workforce members can leverage the tool to gauge their proficiency against the demonstrated experiences and see the breadth of the acquisition outcomes they may encounter over their career. When fully implemented with independent assessors overseeing progress, the employee can also earn required continuous learning points.

Additionally, AWQI provides a common set of demonstrated experiences for organizations. This information can be used by organizations to mitigate skill gaps by leveraging developmental opportunities or targeting strategic hiring.

Additional information can be found on the AWQI website: 
DAG Chp 1 PMs Acquisition Mgmt Roles Aug 2016.docx
PM's Compendium of Acquisition Management Roles, Actions and Activities from Chapter 1 of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) August 2016.
DAG Chp 1 PM Business Mgmt Roles Aug 2016.docx
PM's Compendium of Business Management Roles, Actions and Activities from Chapter 1 of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG), August 2016
DAG Chp 1 PM Executive Leadership Roles Aug 2016.docx
PM's Compendium of Executive Leadersip Roles, Actions and Activities from Chapter 1 of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) August 2016.
DAG Chp 1 PM Technical Mmgt Roles Aug 2016.docx
PM's Compendium of Technical Mmgt Roles, Actions and Activities from Chapter 1 of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) August 2016.
GAO-Defense Acquisition Workforce, Opportunities Exist to Improve Practices for PMs-Feb 2018.pdf
GAO Report - Defense Acquisition Workforce: Opportunities Exist to Improve Practices for Developing Program Managers. Dated February 2018

Why GAO Did This Study
The Department of Defense’s (DOD) major acquisition programs continue to experience cost and schedule overruns. GAO previously found that selecting skilled program managers is a key factor to achieving successful program outcomes. DOD relies on military and civilian program managers to deliver its most expensive new weapon systems, meaning its approach to training, mentoring, retaining, and selecting program managers is critical.

House Report 114-537 included a provision for GAO to review the career paths, development, and incentives for program managers. This report addresses how leading organizations train, mentor, retain, and ultimately select program managers; and the extent to which military service practices align with those leading practices. To conduct this work, GAO identified leading practices documented in prior work and by the Project Management Institute, and interviewed commercial companies identified by the Institute as leaders in this field. GAO also analyzed military service practices for developing program managers and compared those to leading practices.

What GAO Recommends
GAO is making eight recommendations, including that the military services improve practices that do not align extensively with leading practices and make greater use of existing financial rewards for good performance. DOD concurred with the recommendations.
OSD_Program Management Career Model_v6a.pptx
THis OSD-developed career path information is notional and for general knowledge and planning purposes only.  Due to the unique nature of the career field, and the various entry points and sources of its members, many variations regarding training and experience are likely to ensure those filling positions in program management are prepared and most qualified.
Prog Mgmt Funct Competencies 160906 003.pdf
SUBJECT:  Program Management Functional l Career Field Competencies
Reference:   DoDI 5000.66, Operation of the Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Workforce Education, Training, and Career Development Program December 21, 2005 
The Acquisi tion and Program Management Functional l Integrated Product Team has completed a review of the Depa11ment of Defense (DoD) Program Management Functional Competencies.  These competencies are contained in the attachment and are stated at the three employee levels described in the reference i nstruction and aligned with Bloom's level verbs.
The attached DoD Program Management Functional Competencies are forwarded for use and implementat ion as provided in the above reference.  They replace the competencies published on January 8, 2008.  The attached is a living document and will be continually updated.
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