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Capability Integration Planning

Listed below are sub-Competencies under Capability Integration Planning:
--Requirements Management (Mgmt)
--Acquisition Program Strategic Planning
--Business Case Development


Rules of the Road (1999) A Guide for Leading Successful Integrated Product Teams 15.doc
Learning Material4/7/2022 3:42 PM
Business Case ADDM Template v 3.0.docx
Example6/27/2017 3:23 PM
Acquisition Strategy ADDM Template v2.4.docx
Example6/27/2017 3:07 PM
Acquisition Program Baseline ADDM Template v 1.0.docx
Example6/27/2017 3:05 PM
Strategy Foundation.ppt
Learning Material6/26/2017 9:20 AM
NDS 2008 National Defense Strategy.pdf
Reference6/26/2017 9:05 AM
Capstone Concept for Joint Ops Jan 2009.pdf
Reference6/26/2017 8:59 AM
JCIDS Acquipedia Article.aspx
Learning Material5/18/2017 7:47 PM
National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2015.aspx
Learning Material5/18/2017 7:47 PM
Official Army Strategic Documents and Resources.aspx
Example5/18/2017 7:45 PM
Aligning Your Organization for Tactical Success and Strategic Achievement Gordon Hagewood.docx
Learning Material5/18/2017 7:45 PM
Aligning Your Organizing Achieving Tactical Wins and Strategic Success Organizationally and Personally Gordon Hagewood.pptx
Learning Material5/18/2017 7:45 PM
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