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Contract Management

   Market Research
   Pre-Solicitation  Planning and Execution
   Source Selection and Negotiations
   Contract Administration
   Contract Closeout

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Contingency Contracting and Operational Contract Support (OCS)
Contract Cost, Price and Finance
Contracting Officers Representative (COR) 

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Summary Description
RAND MG296.pdf
Contracting; Services AcquisitionArmy; Defense Contract Management Agency; DoDReferenceContract Management
Rand Study for assessing comparative risk in sourcing decisions for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of theAermy for Manpower and Reserve Afairs
5/18/2017 7:45 PM
DCAA Contract Audit Manual.aspx
Learning MaterialContract Management
This is a link to the DCAA Contract Audit Manual page on their website.
5/18/2017 7:46 PM
Market Research Report ADDM Template v1.1.docx
ContractingAir ForceExampleAir Force Examples; PM Business Management; Contract Management
This Template is courtesy of the Air Force, provided from the Air Force Acquisition Document Development & Management (ADDM) System, which is a restricted DoD site. Please note that this is an Air Force Template provided for your guidance, and that the other services or agencies may have different documentation requirements.
This document is current as of 3/9/2016 ADDM template source review.Based on: Defense Acquisition Guidebook15 May 2013
ADDM Application link
The Market Research Report is a process for gathering data on product characteristics, suppliers' capabilities, and the business practices that surround them, plus the analysis of that data to make acquisition decisions. Market research has two phases: market surveillance and market investigation.
6/27/2017 2:53 PM
No time to lose.aspx
Program ManagementArmyCase StudyProgram Execution; Results Driven; Contract Management; PM Business Management
The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) has partnered with Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Mission Assistance to sponsor a series of workshops designed specifically to improve acquisition timelines. The curricula are intended for pre-milestone A or B program teams of Acquisition Category (ACAT) III programs but can be tailored to any effort. They focus on understanding contracting and applying that understanding to achieve superior contract vehicles and contractor performance. Other workshops allow credentialed DAU instructors and program teams to immerse themselves in developing exceptional solicitation documentation and finding ways to reduce the administrative burden by eliminating oversight that is appropriate for ACAT I programs but overkill for the ACAT III efforts that make up the bulk of the JPEO-CBD’s portfolio. The JPEO-CBD is in the second year of this program and recently offered the curricula to other PEOs across ASA(ALT).
8/16/2017 8:18 AM
CRS-Multiyear Procurement (MYP) and Block Buy Contracting -8 August 2017.pdf
Contracting; Program ManagementDoDLearning MaterialProgram Management; Contract Management; Reports
Congressional Research Service report dated August 8, 2017 by Ronald O'Rourke and Moshe Schwarz.

Multiyear procurement (MYP) and block buy contracting (BBC) are special contracting mechanisms that Congress permits the Department of Defense (DOD) to use for a limited number of defense acquisition programs. Compared to the standard or default approach of annual contracting, MYP and BBC have the potential for reducing weapon procurement costs by several percent.
10/2/2017 4:36 PM
Template Legislative Proposal for DAG 30 Apr 18 - Use This Version.docx
Contracting; Program ManagementExamplePM Business Management; Contract Management
Template for Multiyear Procurement Authority for XYZ Program.
6/11/2018 9:59 AM
Contractors in the 21st Century Dunn 4 15 05.doc
Contracting; Engineering; Information TechnologyAir Force; Army; Defense Contract Management Agency; DoD; NavyLearning MaterialContract Management
Richard L. Dunn
Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise
University of Maryland School of Public Policy
April 2005
This study was conducted in collaboration with the Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise and with a grant from The Naval Postgraduate School.  The paper will be presented at the Second Annual Acquisition Research Symposium, Monterey, California, 18-19th May 2005.
     Victory in the Cold War brought reduced military budgets and lower end-strengths. Contemporaneously, operations' tempo rose dramatically. This, plus government policies favoring outsourcing, led to a growth in importance of contracted support for military operations; and, correspondingly an increasing prevalence of contractor personnel in proximity to combat.
     This paper reviews the legal status of civilian contractors in proximity to combat; control, discipline and force protection of such personnel; and, the impact and cost effectiveness of contract support on combat operations.
2/12/2020 8:28 AM