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The Defense Acquisition Monolog and Dialog (DAM/DAD) video series is an attempt to capture expert tacit knowledge.  Monologs are expert talks in series of 3-5 minutes about topics they are passionate about.  Dialogs are a discussion among several DAM Experts on related topics.  

The DAM/DAD video series is a part of the Tacit Knowledge Project (TKP), a pilot project at Defense Systems Management College (DSMC).  The DAM/DAD project manager is John Driessnack ( ) The following Community of Practice (CoP) pages provide access to the DAM/DAD products that are being developed as part of the pilot.  Comments are welcomed.

Dialog on Uncertainty

     David Lengyel's Risk Research

     John Driessnack's Road to CAIRO

     Pat Barker's Understanding Intuition

Dialog on Frameworks

     Tim Persons' GAO Best Practice Guides

     John Driessnack's Dice on Assessment, Analysis and Wisdom

     Pat Barker's Situational Awareness

Dialog on Integrated Master Schedules (IMP)

    Dave Ahern's Defense Acquisition Guide (DAG) update

    Glen Alleman's What Does Done Look Like

    Leo Manning's Planning Contracts

Dialog on Portfolio Management

    CAPT Mark Vandroff Participating Program Managers (PARMs)

    Mark Rider Portfolio Value, Stakeholders and Governance

    John Driessnack Industry Portfolio Standards and Decision Making

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