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Tacit Knowledge Project TKP

The Tacit Knowledge Project (TKP) is a Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) pilot project managed by Pat Barker (  The following Community of Practice (CoP) pages provide access to TKP products that are being developed as part of the pilot.  Comments are welcomed.  

TKP Book Reviews are DAU Professor reviews of books used at DSMC.  The CoP pages provide additional references related to the topc

TKP DAM/DAD is the Defense Acquisition Monolog and Dialog video series attempting to capture expert tacit knowledge.  Monologs are expert talks in series of 3-5 mintue about topics they are pasionate about.  Dialogs are a discussion among several DAM Experts on related topics.   The CoP pages provide additonal reference related to the topic.

TKP Dumb Professor is a Pat Barker video series (with or without the Smart Professor) on various topics to get beyond explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge

Your comments on the products are welcomed and desired.

Note:  Videos in this pilot project are posted in several places.  MilTube posted videos will require a CAC.  DAU Video Server posted videos are public link. Some vidoes are posted on public servers and are the responsiblity of the ACC community member.  All vidoes represent the opinions of the participant and are not the official position of DSMC, DAU or DoD.   The goal of the videos is to move discussion outside the classroom into the community.  YOUR contribution is desired.  

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