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Team of Teams Discussion (update of IPPD Handbook)

Team of Teams (update of 1998 IPPD Handbook)


The Team of Teams page is design to help capture information and discuss best practices related to Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) and Integrated Product Teams (IPT) implemention.  This information is being captures/discussed as part of DAU effort to update the IPPD Guide (96) and IPPD Handbook (98) along with suggested updates to DAG and DoD 5000.01 and 5000.02 as related to IPPD/IPTs.  The goal is to have a strategy for the update by 31 Dec 2017 with the updates completed by 30 May 2018.

Industry groups, such as PMI and INCOSE, have been contracted to particpate.  Focal points for various organizations will be identified.

The effort is being run by Professor John Driessnack,,  703-472-5357, assisted by Dr John Snoderly.   DoD, Federal Government, and Industry partners are encouraged to provide best practice informantion. 

Picture Placeholder: JOHN DRIESSNACK
19/20/2017 2:31 PM

​As we update the IPPD handbook, we are looking for best practices on how teams are use in an integrated manner.  Whether you call them IPTs or Scrum Teams, we don't care.  We are looking for good team practices in the acquisition environment.  Government only teams, Contractor only teams, or combined teams.   Is what your doing a good/best practice?  Please comment and send us ( or post your examples. 

JOHN DRIESSNACK9/20/2017 3:55 PMNo
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