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Criticality Analysis ADDM Template v 1.1

This Template is courtesy of the Air Force, provided from the Air Force Acquisition Document Development & Management (ADDM) System, which is a restricted DoD site. Please note that this is an Air Force Template provided for your guidance, and that the other services or agencies may have different documentation requirements. This document is current as of 3/9/2016 ADDM template source review.Based on: Program Protection Plan, Appendix C dated 01 Jul 2011 ADDM Application link Guidance: ·    Document the results of the most recent Criticality Analysis (CA) in tab Part 1 & tab Part 2, Table C-1 and C-2  respectively in the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering (DASD(SE)) Program Protection Plan Outline and Guidance (Version 1.0, July 2011).  The CA should be updated regularly (e.g. at each SE Technical Review).·    Early in the program lifecycle, the CA may only be able to identify missions or missions and critical functions.·    Criticality should be assessed in terms of relative impact on the system's ability to complete its mission if the component fails.·    Level I is total mission failure, Level II is significant/unacceptable degradation, Level III is partial/acceptable, and Level IV is negligible. The Criticality Analysis table documents the mission-critical functions and components.  The table shows an end-to-end functional decomposition of the system which includes: Identifying and prioritizing system mission threads;  Decomposing the mission threads into their mission-critical functions; and  Identifying the system components (hardware, software, and firmware) that implement those functions; i.e., components that are critical to the mission effectiveness of the system or an interfaced network. Template

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Criticality Analysis ADDM Template v 1.1
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