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FY 2018 DoD Management Challenges-11172017

DoD Inspector General Top DoD Management Challenges Fiscal Year 2018 As reflected in this document, the FY 2018 top 10 management and performance challenges are: 1. Countering Strategic Challenges: North Korea, Russia, China, Iran, and Transnational Terrorism 2. Addressing Challenges in Overseas Contingency Operations in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan 3. Enabling Effective Acquisition and Contract Management 4. Increasing Cyber Security and Cyber Capabilities 5. Improving Financial Management 6. Maintaining the Nuclear Enterprise 7. Optimally Balancing Readiness, Modernization, and Force Structure 8. Ensuring Ethical Conduct 9. Providing Effective, Comprehensive, and Cost Effective Health Care 10. Identifying and Implementing Efficiencies in the DoD

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FY 2018 DoD Management Challenges-11172017
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