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Tacit Knowledge Project TKP Background

The Tacit Knowledge Project is a DAU/DSMC initiative to design and test a system for "just in time" tacit knowlege retrieval and sustanment at the point of need in order to improved Acquisition outcome for DSMC leaners AND the DoD/Federal acqusition community in general.  The initial focus will focus on DSMC target learners.    The initiative is designed to be a pathfinder for DAU.  Background:  There is a wealth of information residing in the life experience of acqusition professional, information that could be of vital in importance to other who are addressing similar challenges and opportunities. This "tacit" knowledge often comes in the form of partical or incomplete insights, hunches, frameworks, rubrics, processes, methods, rules-of-thumb and procedures.  Because it resides within the experience of individuals and groups, it is often hard to find and not readily transferrable to others. We hope proejct is a catalyst for a "Wisdom Culture" where we routinely capture and share the wisdom of acqusitoin professionals in the classroom, on the job, and in retropsect. The Tacit Knowledge Project is design to help the users: 1. Face a challenge or opportunity 2. Require reliable information to help them solve/leveage the issue 3. Have a limited time 4. Want one-stop easy acess 24/7/365 5. May be interested in multiole formats, e.g. video, scholarly article, data

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Tacit Knowledge Project TKP Background
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