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Training Critical Thinking Skills for Battle Command

ARI Workshop Proceedings, 5-6 December 2000, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Edited by Sharon L. Riedel U.S. Army Research Institute Ray A. Morath, and Timothy P. McGonigle Caliber Associates Conducted by U.S. ARMY RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR THE BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES FOREWORD Critical thinking skills are essential to the effective performance of military leaders. Army XXI will be faced with a diversity of missions, faster pace, greater uncertainties, as well as changing equipment, digital capabilities, and organizational structures. All of these will place increasing demands on the planning and decision-making skills of Battle Commanders and their staff. Only through critical thinking can these leaders learn how to adjust to the novel and unpredictable situations faced on tomorrow's battlefields and to the various roles played by our Army. Despite the vital nature of critical thinking skills, our knowledge of its fundamental aspects is somewhat limited. Some fundamental issues on which there appears to be little consensus include: a definition of critical thinking; the extent to which it is possible to train leaders to think critically; how to most effectively measure critical thinking; and how to integrate critical thinking into current Army practices. In an effort to address some of these issues, the U.S. Army Research Institute hosted the Army Workshop on Critical Thinking Skills for Battle Command at Fort Leavenworth, KS in December 2000. The purpose of this workshop was to bring together experts in critical thinking research and battle command to discuss both the latest research on critical thinking skills and how critical thinking skills relate to the Army's mission now and in the future.

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Training Critical Thinking Skills for Battle Command
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