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U.S. Air Force Business and Enterprise Systems BES Directorate Systems Engineering Process

The Systems Engineering Process is a life cycle management and systems engineering process based on the Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Life Cycle Management System as tailored for Information Technology Systems and the Capability Maturity Model Integrated. The starting point for entry into this process is to determine where your program is in the life cycle and complete the appropriate tailoring worksheet for that phase. The tailoring worksheets list the products to be produced and activities to be performed for your program. Refer to the tailoring guide for guidance on tailoring the process to fit your program's specific needs. If you are in the Materiel Solution Analysis Phase (pre Milestone A) use: Tailoring Worksheet for Materiel Solution Analysis Template. If you are in the Technology Development Phase (pre Milestone B), use: Tailoring Worksheet for Technology Development Phase Template. If you are in the Engineering and Manufacturing Development Phase (pre Milestone C), or Production and Deployment Phase, use: Tailoring Worksheet for Engineering and Manufacturing Development and Production and Deployment Template. If you are in the Operations and Support Phase, use: Tailoring Worksheet for New Start Template (Non-5000) or Tailoring Worksheet for Sustainment Template (Non-5000). The SEP is constructed to lead you through each phase of the life cycle by providing the following assets: Policies - The directives that govern the development, fielding and sustainment of IT systems within the organization. Procedures - The core of the process, lists entry and exit criteria for each activity, identifies the role with the responsibility for completing the activity and provides step level instructions for accomplishing each activity. Lexicons - Handy references when using the SEP (definition of terms, etc.) Guides - Handbooks to help with the execution of a procedure Checklists - "Quality Gates" that can be used with each procedure Forms - Formatted forms that can be downloaded Templates - Formatted work products to assist in the development of life cycle documentation Background - Additional reference materials and guidance

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U.S. Air Force Business and Enterprise Systems BES Directorate Systems Engineering Process
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