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U.S. Joint Forces Command USJFCOM Joint Center for Operational Analysis JCOA

The Joint Center for Operational Analysis (JCOA) informs the transformation of the joint force by producing compelling recommendations for change derived from direct observations and sound analysis of current joint operations. It also maintains a comprehensive database and archives of lessons and documents pertaining to previous and ongoing joint operations around the world. JCOA was formed in the spring of 2003, at the direction of the Secretary of Defense, and the invitation of the U.S. Central Command commander, to observe the performance of the joint force during the invasion of Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Since then, JCOA has become an integral part of the enabling capabilities available to provide real time support to the combatant commander in a full range of joint operations. JCOA analysts focus on military operations at the operational level of war, from pre-crisis activities through combat operations to post-combat efforts. This collection and analytical process provides operational documentation based on the warfighter's experience, which is then used to produce recommendations for joint solutions, including changes to current doctrine, training, organization and material procurement. The organization consists of roughly 125 personnel. There are 40 military personnel, both active duty and reservists, who make up the bulk of the deployed collection teams. There are also 18 DoD civilians, including deployable analysts who provide field support to the supported regional combatant commander. Additionally, JCOA maintains the Knowledge Information Fusion Exchange (KnIFE) which provides 24/7 knowledge support to the fielded warfighter via a variety of means. KnIFE is manned by approximately 40 personnel. The remainder of the organization is made up of contracted analysts and support personnel. JCOA continues to maintain a persistent collection effort at joint headquarters around the world, providing analysis for senior leadership efforts to transformation military operations. This active effort has captured invaluable information that is helping to define and improve the future requirements for joint force commanders.

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U.S. Joint Forces Command USJFCOM Joint Center for Operational Analysis JCOA
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