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Topic Area
ACC Topic
General AcquisitionCommercial Off-the-Shelf Products and Commercial ServicesGSA Acquisition Gateway Website2/12/2020 8:15 AM
Program ManagementDoDPM Acquisition Management; PM Business Management; PM Executive Leadership; PM Policies and Guidance; PM Career Center; Training Center 10:10 AM
NavyAdvanced Acquisition Program - Naval Postgraduate School6/26/2017 10:34 AM
NavyPM Technical ManagementAdvanced Technology Demostration Network ATDnet6/29/2017 6:03 PM
Air ForceAir Force Acquisition Career Development Website6/26/2017 4:26 PM
Air ForceAir Force Acquisition Website6/26/2017 4:27 PM
Air ForceAir Force Publishing12/30/2019 1:31 PM
Air ForcePM Training and Career Center; PM Career Center; Training CenterAir Force Institute of Technology6/29/2017 6:03 PM
Air ForceAir Force PEO - CM Website6/26/2017 4:53 PM
Air ForceAir War College - Lessons Learned web site6/26/2017 4:59 PM
ArmyArmy Media6/26/2017 4:54 PM
ArmyOASA (ALT)12/30/2019 1:22 PM
ArmyCenter for Army Lessons Learned12/30/2019 1:32 PM
PM Executive LeadershipCenter for Leadership Studies6/29/2017 6:02 PM
NavyCommander, Navy Installations Command6/26/2017 4:52 PM
ContractingDoDContingency Contracting; Contract Cost Price and Finance; Contracting Officers Representative; Contract Management 10:09 AM
PM Business Management; Financial MgmtCongressional Budget Office Website6/29/2017 6:02 PM
DoDPM Business Management; Financial MgmtCost Assessment and Program Evaluation CAPE tools - CAC required6/29/2017 6:03 PM
Cybersecurity; General Acquisition; Program ManagementCybersecurity; Engineering Management; Program Execution; Program Management 3:06 PM
Cybersecurity; Program ManagementCybersecurity; Program Management 10:52 AM
Data Management Community of Practice CoP5/18/2017 7:47 PM
DAU Alumni Association5/18/2017 7:46 PM
PM Training and Career Center; PM Career Center; Training CenterDAU Continuous Learning Center12/30/2019 1:35 PM
DAU Policy Browser5/18/2017 7:47 PM
PM Training and Career Center; PM Career Center; Training CenterDAU's Continuous Learning Center12/30/2019 1:29 PM
Program ManagementDoDPM Executive Leadership; PM Acquisition Management 9:34 AM
DoDDefense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval DAMIR Website6/27/2017 11:33 AM
Defense Acquisition Policy Center5/18/2017 7:46 PM
DoDDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA6/26/2017 5:31 PM
DoDDefense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service DCPAS Website6/26/2017 5:29 PM
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