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DAG Dialogs

DAG Dialogs

DAG (Defense Acquisition Guidebook) Dialogs are a part of our Tacit Knowledge Project, an effort by the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC), a part of the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), to capture tacit knowledge.  So what is tacit knowledge?   A search on Wikipedia finds the following definition:

The term "tacit knowing" or "tacit knowledge" is attributed to Michael Polanyi in 1958 in Personal Knowledge. In his later work The Tacit Dimension he made the assertion that "we can know more than we can tell."[1] He states not only that there is knowledge that cannot be adequately articulated by verbal means, but also that all knowledge is rooted in tacit knowledge.

Tacit knowledge can be defined as skills, ideas and experiences that people have in their minds and are, therefore, difficult to access because it is often not codified and may not necessarily be easily expressed (Chugh, 2015).[2] With tacit knowledge, people are not often aware of the knowledge they possess or how it can be valuable to others. Effective transfer of tacit knowledge generally requires extensive personal contact, regular interaction [3] and trust. This kind of knowledge can only be revealed through practice in a particular context and transmitted through social networks.[4] To some extent it is "captured" when the knowledge holder joins a network or a community of practice.[3]

DAG Dialogs, a takeoff from TED Talks, are designed to open up a channel of communication with the acquisition workforce about tacit knowledge through social networks and the DAU community of practice. We replace TED (Technology, Educations, and Design) with DAG, the Defense Acquisition Guide, to define the scope of our efforts.   We then replace Talks with Dialogs because our focus is not on just a one way communication of knowledge, but a dialog about tacit knowledge. 

Our goal is to create an ongoing dialog in the DoD Acquisition workforce about the tacit knowledge that is key to help leaders and teams more effectively and efficiently execute the explicit knowledge covered in the DAG, DoD instructions, and policy.  We are taking many approaches to capture tacit knowledge.  In some cases we ask a series of questions of senior leaders, in other approach is to capture an expert's monolog were the expert discusses a topic they are passionate about. In some cases we link these monologs with other material posted on the appropriate DAU CoP, which provides a space for further dialog about the topic.  You will find 2 to 5 segments in a series that are usually less than 5 minutes long, so look for the "introduction" (1 of #) in the series.  At times, we also pull groups of leaders and experts together for a dialog amongst them.  Usually there are 1 to 3 dialogs in a series that are usually less than 20 minutes each. 

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