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Describes the purpose of a Public-Private Partnership along with relevant statutory guidance. 
Maintenance performed on materiel requiring major overhaul or a complete rebuilding of parts, assemblies, subassemblies, and end items, including the manufacture of parts, modification, testing, and reclamation, as required. Supports organizational and intermediate maintenance activities by more extensive shop facilities and personnel of higher technical skill than normally available at the lower maintenance levels.
An article that provides related info that includes links to reference material from DoD and from the respective Military Services.
An article that provides statutory guidance related to depot maintenance along with links to related policy and other relevant Title 10 statutes.
An article that provides general info pertaining to establishing a DMISA between the Maintenance Inter-Service Management Support Office (MISO) personnel representing the various branches of the Military.
The article provides key aspects of the statute requiring that requires DoD to maintain "core" logistics capabilities including mandatory reporting requirements.
The article contains info relating to the statute that mandates a 50% ceiling, measured in dollars, on the amount of depot maintenance workload that may be performed by contract for a Military Department or a Defense Agency during a fiscal year.
A statute that prohibits the changing of depot-level workload with an annual value amounting to $3 Million or greater -- currently performed by a DoD depot maintenance activity to another source
An article that provides info related to depot-level maintenance including links to related policy and reference material.
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