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Education and Training

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This course familiarizes the student with the concepts, terms, guidance and documentation associated with the development and execution of successful Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) for product support.
The Title 10 Depot Maintenance Statute Overview course provides a review of the definition of DoD maintenance, the public policy environment within which DoD depot-level maintenance operates, the various sections of U.S. code impacting depot-level maintenance, and DoD policy for the maintenance of military materiel.
The Title 10 U.S.C. 2464 Core Statute Implementation module provides an introductory presentation of DoD maintenance; and it reviews the capabilities, methodology, policies, roles, and responsibilities required for services. Public law mandates that DoD maintain an organic core logistics capability with ready and controlled resources necessary to ensure effective and timely responses to mobilizations, national defense contingencies, and other emergency requirements. Objectives
The Limitations on the Performance of Depot-Level Maintenance (50/50) is an introductory presentation of DoD maintenance. The module provides professionals with a review of Section 2466 of Title 10 US Code, which mandates that the Services and combatant commanders may not have more than 50 percent of depot maintenance performed by non-DoD personnel
The Depot Maintenance Inter-Service Support Agreements (DMISA) module is for maintenance inter-Service support offices; managers; and others who prepare, review, negotiate, and manage DMISAs. The module explains key duties and the process for creating DMISAs, and professionals will improve the efficiency of DoD depot maintenance planning activities through their successful implementation of DMISAs.
This Depot Maintenance Capacity Utilization Measurement online training course provides defense acquisition and sustainment workforce professionals with a basic understanding of the methods used to measure, record, and report capacity and utilization data for organic organizations and activities that perform depot maintenance.
This course is designed to to help prepare the Life Cycle Logistician to perform in a senior-level life cycle logistics role with emphasis on developing and implementing a life cycle product support strategy. Learners will apply tools and techniques from the 12-step DoD Product Support Strategy Process Model in analyzing and comparing alternative product support strategies for adoption. The course challenges learners to think critically in instructor-facilitated group exercises to justify and make sound recommendations in developing and implementing product support strategies and product support arrangements that provide a best-value mix of product support integrators, product support providers, and product support metrics to achieve Warfighter outcome-based requirements. This course combines asynchronous review of critical DoD policies, includes videos from other functional areas, in support of a group-developed final project.
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