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SAE will host ​a webinar on AS6500 Wednesday, September 16th starting at 11:00 EST. The guest speaker is David Karr, Technical Advisor for Manufacturing & Quality, Air Force Lifecycle Management Center. David is also the Chair of the SAE committee responsible for AS6500. To register go to


A new Data Item Description is available to let ​Program Offices collect Manufacturing and Quality Assurance metrics from contractors. The Manufacturing and Quality Assurance Status Report (MQASR), DI-QCIC-82323, provides the Government with the information needed to monitor the status of manufacturing development and production activities, supplier management, and quality performance. You can download a copy from the ASSIST database at


For a limited time (not sure how long), SAE’s online AS6500 overview course is being offered for free!

The class is approximately 1.5 hours.