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Training Center

A place for PQM Members to get Answers to their Training Questions and find Training Opportunities.

Note: The inclusion of related websites is provided as an initial list of sources of potentially valuable information.  These links are not inclusive and are not intended to endorse any individual website.  If you know of a good resource (website, book, training, etc.) for related manufacturing or QA training, please contact one of the editors listed in the column to the right and provide them the information.

PQM DAWIA Certification

PQM DAWIA Certification

PQM DAWIA Certification Training (Level I, II, and III)

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DAU Location and Campus Information

Location and Campus Information

PQM Basics

PQM Fundamental Information

Fundamental Information

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PQM Training Opportunities

PQM Training Opportunities

Where to Get Training

PQM Recommended Reading
PQM DAWIA Certification Excellent Resources

A Study of the Toyota Production System, Shingo, 1989

Becoming Lean: Inside Stories of US Manufacturers, by Liker, 1997

Conquering Complexity in Your Business, George, 2004

Creating a Level Pull, Smalley, 2004

Creating Continuous Flow, Rother and Harris

Creating Quality: Process Design for Results, Kolarik McGraw-Hill, 1999

Critical Chain, Eliyahu Goldratt, 1997

Factory Physics, Hopp and Spearman, 2001

Guide to Quality Control, Ishikawa, 1990

How Digital is Your Business?, Slywotzky, Adrian J. Crown Business, 2000.

Implementing Six Sigma, Breyfogle, 1999

It's Not Luck, Eliyahu Goldratt

Japanese Manufacturing Techniques, Richard Schonberger, 1982

Juran's Quality Handbook, 5th Edition, Juran, 1998

Lean Assembly, Baudin, 2004

Lean Logistics, Baudin, 2004

Lean Manufacturing: A Plant Floow Guide, Allen, Robinson and Steward, 2001

Lean Production Simplified, Dennis, 2002

Lean Six Sigma, George 2002

Lean Six Sigma for Service, George, 2003

Lean Thinking: Banish Waste And Create Wealth In Your Corporation, Womack, James P.Simon and Schuster, 2nd Edition, 2003.

Learning to See, Rother and Shook,

Let's Fix It: Overcoming the Crisis in Manufacturing, Richard Schonberger, 2001

Making Materials Flow, Harris and Wilson, 2003

Managing the Design Factory, Reinertsen, 1997

Manufacturing at Warp Speed, Schragenheim and Dettmer, 2000

Manufacturing Survival, Williams, 1995

Powered by Honda, Nelson, Moody and Mayo, 1998

Putting 5S to Work, Hirano, 1993

Seeing the Whole, Jones and Womack

Six Sigma, Harry and Schroeder, 2000

The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook, Benbow, 2002

The Certified Quality Manager Handbook, Okes, 2001

The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Administrative and Office Processes, Keyte and Locher

The Evolution of a Manufacturing System at Toyota, Fujimoto, 1999

The Goal, Goldratt and Cox, 1984

The Lean Design Guidebook, Mascitelli, 2004

The Lean Design Solution, Huthwaite, 2004

The Machine that Changed the World, Womack, Jones and Roos, 1990

The New Manufacturing Challenge, Kiyroshi Suzaki, 1987

The Purchasing Maching, Nelson, Moody and Stenger, 2001

The Six Sigma Handbook, Pyzdek, 2003

The Six Sigma Way, Pande, 2000

Toyota Production System:  Beyond Large Scale Production, Ohno, 1988 

The Toyota Way, Liker, 2004

Toyota Production System, Monden, 1993

Unleashing the Killer App, Downes and Mui. Harvard Business School Press, 1998. Hall Europe, 1998

Value Stream Management for the Lean Office, Tapping and Shuker, 2003

What is Lean Six Sigma, George, Rowlands and Kastle, 2004

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