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28/25/2020 8:57 AM

​As a new QAS, it can be daunting to find information in all of the FAR, DFARS, and other publications. I was anAir Force inspector in my military days and we went around to different bases and verified compliance. I didn't become an inspector until I had twenty years' worth of reading publications and regs, and I still needed a cheat sheet. Has anyone created a cheat sheet or have a method to help a new QAS find information quickly? 

ROBERT ARTHUR8/31/2020 2:37 PMNo
43/1/2018 9:18 AM

​Please share one area of expertise you will offer to the CoP and one area where you are looking for expertise from the CoP.

JILL GARCIA4/17/2019 2:03 PMNo
711/16/2017 8:53 AM

The Army’s capabilities development and acquisition enterprise is exploring an innovative organizational construct to integrate and synchronize processes across multiple stakeholders. The Army will leverage designated Cross-Functional Team (CFT) pilots to embrace horizontal and vertical integration and improve the quality and speed of materiel development activities.There will be 8 priority CFTs, each led by a  Brigadier General. Each General Officer will report directly to the Under Secretary of the Army (USA) at the direction of the Secretary and Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.

What 5 Quality Assurance, or COR issues would you want the Leaders of the  CFT for Acquisition, and/or Contracting do you think they should be made aware of first? You can read  Army Directive 2017-24 (Cross-Functional Team Pilot In Support of Materiel Development at tthis link:

LARRY BROWN4/17/2019 1:42 PMNo

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