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Requirements Traceability Guide. Jan 2012.doc
Reference4/13/2022 3:52 PM
Source Selection Plan Guide Dec 2008.doc
Reference4/13/2022 3:52 PM
MDA Producibility Guide.doc
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CDD-CPD Writing Guide, Feb 2015.pptx
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Upcoming events sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.aspx
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Counterfeit Parts Web Site.aspx
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PDF of the opening statement at the SASC Hearing on Counterfeit Parts.aspx
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Manufacturing and QA Videos.aspx
Learning Material4/4/2017 9:08 PM
MRL Deskbook V2.2 July 2012.pdf
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Roles and Responsibilities of Office of the Secretary of Defense OSD Overarching Integrated Product Team Leaders OIPT Leade.aspx
Reference4/4/2017 9:03 PM
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  • rcshanah
010/19/2022 10:06 AM

​This 222 National Strategy for Advanced Manufacturing, developed by the SAM following extensive public outreach, is based on a vision for United States leadership in advanced manufacturing that will grow the economy, create quality jobs, enhance environmental sustainability, address climate change, strengthen supply chains, ensure national security, and improve healthcare. This vision will be achieved by developing and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies, growing the advanced manufacturing workforce, and building resilience into manufacturing supply chains. Strategic objectives are identified for each goal, along with national technical and program priorities and recommendations for the next four years.

10/19/2022 10:06 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: MATTHEW BORSINGER
011/3/2021 12:39 PM

​I am wondering if anyone knows who maintains the Aviation Source Approval and Management Handbook? It looks like the Joint Aeronautical Commanders’ Group (JACG) drafted it, but I don't see where that group still exists or any government hosted sites that maintain the document. JACG_Aviation_Source_Approval_and_Management_Handbook_16MAR2011.pdf

11/3/2021 12:39 PMNo
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  • rcshanah
010/28/2021 12:20 PM
NOVEMBER 5 at 8:30 AM CT

The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute, the leading national consortium for Robotics and AI, has been working with its 300+ members to identify and prioritize initiatives that make AI/ML more accessible to U.S. Manufacturers. Hear from experts at the ARM Institute and its consortium as they highlight findings and resulting activities from their research, with an emphasis on the role of data, human interaction, and sensory and perception technologies.  
Members of the public can register to attend this session for free here. To learn more about the full conference, visit this link.
10/28/2021 12:20 PMNo
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  • rcshanah
04/7/2021 8:23 AM

DAU's Professor George Noyes is presenting a DAU Webcast on the new Manufacturing and Quality (M&Q) Body of Knowledge (BoK) published earlier this year. This webcast will be held on 8 April (Thursday) from 1300-1430 EDT. I am moderating this webcast. After George gives an overview of the M&Q BoK, he will take questions via chat. The session will be recorded, captioned, and posted on the DAU Webcasts page ( a few days after the live session. This relates to Module 16.

To view the live webcast on 8 April, please visit the event's web page at:

To download the six chapters and appendices for the M&Q BoK, please visit the DD Engineering Resources site at:

Manufacturing and Quality – DDR&E(AC) ( <

4/7/2021 8:23 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: SHAWN ROBERT
28/25/2020 8:57 AM

​As a new QAS, it can be daunting to find information in all of the FAR, DFARS, and other publications. I was anAir Force inspector in my military days and we went around to different bases and verified compliance. I didn't become an inspector until I had twenty years' worth of reading publications and regs, and I still needed a cheat sheet. Has anyone created a cheat sheet or have a method to help a new QAS find information quickly? 

ROBERT ARTHUR8/31/2020 2:37 PMNo
43/1/2018 9:18 AM

​Please share one area of expertise you will offer to the CoP and one area where you are looking for expertise from the CoP.

JILL GARCIA4/17/2019 2:03 PMNo
711/16/2017 8:53 AM

The Army’s capabilities development and acquisition enterprise is exploring an innovative organizational construct to integrate and synchronize processes across multiple stakeholders. The Army will leverage designated Cross-Functional Team (CFT) pilots to embrace horizontal and vertical integration and improve the quality and speed of materiel development activities.There will be 8 priority CFTs, each led by a  Brigadier General. Each General Officer will report directly to the Under Secretary of the Army (USA) at the direction of the Secretary and Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.

What 5 Quality Assurance, or COR issues would you want the Leaders of the  CFT for Acquisition, and/or Contracting do you think they should be made aware of first? You can read  Army Directive 2017-24 (Cross-Functional Team Pilot In Support of Materiel Development at tthis link:

LARRY BROWN4/17/2019 1:42 PMNo

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