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NOTE to All DoD RMs, ROs, ACMs, & CIOs:  

To access content in this Requirements Management Community of Practice (RMCoP), you MUST COMPLETE a DAU System Authorization Access Request (SAAR). After approval,  you can then sign in using either your username/password or your CAC. For additional membership information, CLICK HERE.  Also, watch this short video on how to navigate this RMCoP. Problems signing in? Send an email to

Our DAU IT and Community Platform experts are actively working to resolve an existing access glitch. As such, they may delay your membership request until they clear their backlog. Once they do resolve the issue, we'll announce the fix here on the RMCoP Home Page.

My regrets for this inconvenience, 

Jack Mohney, RMCoP Leader

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7/15/2021 12:23 PM

​If you could use some help starting a Capability Needs Statement (CNS) for your program, DAU has a template ready for you to use. Simply go the the home page of the Requirements Management Community of Practice (RMCoP) and click on the Job Support Tools (JST) tile, scroll down the list of Requirements 'tools' to the CNS template, and download a copy for your use.

If you are already working on your CNS and need some guidance, DAU faculty are here to support you. To contact a Requirements Management faculty member, click on the Training & Consulting tile on the RMCoP home page, and scroll down to the contact list.

Together, we can support the warfighter better.

7/9/2021 12:38 PM

DAU can help with specific issues you may be facing. For example, DAU Requirements Management faculty had a one-on-one consulting engagement with requirements managers trying to address operational capability gaps. The outcome: the Requirements Managers now have a clearer path forward to capture and validate operational capability gaps within and across Services, saving the Requirements Managers valuable time and effort. 

If DAU's expertise and experience can help you, the Requirements Manager, address an issue or problem more efficiently, or if you are just looking for sage advice, contact the DAU Requirements Department for consulting support. You can contact us by going to the Requirements Management Community of Practice (RMCOP) home page and clicking on the Training and Consulting tile. Or, you can get in touch with the RMCoP owner and DAU faculty member, Jack Mohney, via email (

Let's continue working together to support the warfighter.

6/11/2021 12:32 PM

​The DAU Requirements Faculty provides consulting support to help Requirements Managers address specific challenges. For example, in one consulting event, DAU Requirements Faculty facilitated a Service-level discussion with Requirements Managers on Best Practices. The results included building networking between Requirements Managers and with the DAU faculty for capacity to collaborate on future requirements challenges. If you want to take advantage of DAU faculty expertise to help you address an issue you have, or to improve your effectiveness as a Requirements Manager, go to the Consulting tile on the Requirements Management Community of Practice (RMCoP) home page.     

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