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Capability Production Document CPD

A Capability Production Document (CPD) is the document that addresses the production elements specific to a single increment of an acquisition program. The CPD must be validated and approved before a Milestone C decision review. The refinement of performance attributes and Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) is the most significant difference between the Capability Development Document (CDD) and CPD. The CPD format is contained in the CJCSM 3170.01 series.

Purpose of the CPD

The CPD provides authoritative, testable capabilities for the Production and Deployment Phase of an acquisition program. The Requirements Manager must use the CPD to capture the information necessary to support:

  • Production,
  • Testing, and
  • Deployment

of an affordable and supportable increment within an evolutionary acquisition (EA) strategy.

The operational performance attributes in the CPD give direction to produce and deploy a single increment of a specific weapons system. Because the final CPD reflects the design approved at the system- level critical design review (CDR), it is not appropriate to introduce new requirements in the CPD. New requirements should be included in the next increment of an acquisition strategy, or delayed to a system upgrade or modification if no further increments are planned.

The CPD presents performance attributes, including Key Performance Parameters (KPP), to guide the production and deployment of the current increment.


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