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Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell JRAC

Problem: Despite existing authorities to deliver equipment / services to the warfighter, the process is still restrictive and inefficient.  

Solution: Establish the OSD Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell (JRAC)  

Responsible to the Secretary of Defense through Under Secretaries of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics and Comptroller.  

Monitors, coordinates, and facilitates meeting Combatant Commanders' Immediate Warfighting Needs.

Consists of a core group (to include representatives from USD(AT&L), USD(Comptroller), DOD General Council and the Joint Staff) and an advisory group (which includes representatives from USD(I), USD(P&R), USD(P), ASD(NII), Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation (PA &E), combatant commanders, Military Services and the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation). The advisory group supports the core group based on the specific immediate warfighter need request and functions in a manner similar to an overarching integrated product team.



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