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Services POCs

Navy/Marine Corp - POC for JCIDS and the Navy Requirements Management community manager is the Navy JCB rep, OPNAV code N81D (O-7), and the Joint Requirements and Acquisition branch, OPNAV code N810 (O-6), Pentagon Rm 4D453, phone 703.693.9093.

Air Force - POC for JCIDS is AF/A5RP. The A5RP Div Chief (O-6) may be reached at 703-695-6266. Policy/Process Branch Chief (O-5) may be reached at 703-697-5274.

Army - Office of the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, Future Warfighting Capabilities Division (DAMO–CIC). This is the single entry point for all Army and joint DOTMLPF requirements. This office also coordinates AROC activities. Within DAMO–CIC, the requirements staff officer (RSO) is directly responsible for leading HQDA staff integration and coordination efforts for all Army and joint DOTMLPF requirements issues. All JCIDS proposals are reviewed by the Army "gatekeeper" who assigns the proposal to the appropriate RSO. Division Chief's phone number is 703-692-7682.


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