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Topics Map


Requirements Management Related Templates and Resources

Training Center

CLR 101 Resources

CLR 151 Resources

CLR 250 Resources

CLR 252 Resources

RQM 110 Resources

RQM 310 Resources

RQM 403 Resources

List of RM Topics

Analysis of Alternatives AoA

Army - Requirements Related Resources

Capabilities Development Document CDD

Capabilities-Based Assessment CBA

Capability Gap

Capability Production Document CPD

Capstone Concept for Joint Operations CCJO

Concept of Operations CONOPS

Defense Acquisition Board DAB

Defense Acquisition System DAS

Defense Planning Guidance DPG

DOTMLPF-P Change Recommendation DCR

Functional Capabilities Boards FCBs


Global Information Grid GIG

Initial Capabilities Document ICD

JCIDS - Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System

Joint Capabilities Board JCB

Joint Capability Area JCA

Joint Information

Joint Integration

Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell JRAC

Joint Requirements Oversight Council JROC

Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan JSCP

Joint Urgent Operational Need JUON

JROC Interest

Key Performance Parameters KPP

Key System Attribute KSA

Life Cycle Cost LCC

Major Automated Information Systems MAIS

Measure of Effectiveness MOE

Measure of Performance MOP

Measure of Suitability MOS

Milestone Decision Authority MDA

National Military Strategy

Navy - Requirements Related Resources

Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter NR-KPP

Non-Materiel Solution

Nunn McCurdy unit cost breach

Operational Availability OA

Program and Budget Review PBR

Program Objective Memorandum POM

Planning Programming Budgeting and Execution PPBE

Technology Readiness Assessment TRA

Technology Readiness Levels TRL

Test and Evaluation T and E

Total Ownership Cost TOC


Unified Command Plan UCP

Policies and Guidance

DoD-Level Policies Guidance Procedures and Tools

Policy Updates

Service-Level Policies Guidance Procedures and Tools

Points of Contact

Defense Acquisition University DAU

Services POCs