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Integrating human performance considerations into the defense acquisition system can present substantial challenges for Human Systems Integration (HSI) practitioners and stakeholders. 

The DAU HSI Community of Practice (CoP) provides a unique resource in this pursuit, offering a convenient platform to share knowledge aimed at achieving effective and relevant HSI practice across government, industry, and academia. Learn more about HSI as a Specialty Engineering discipline described within DODI 5000.88 for incorporating human needs in requirements processes (ie, JCIDS manual), during system design (DODI 5000.88), while conducting HSI in Test and evaluation (DODI 5000.89), and through product support and life cycle logistics activities in sustainment (DODI 5000.91), at the following resources:


OUSD(R&E) HSI website:

Picture Placeholder: MITCHELL WOODS
7/22/2022 6:38 PM

Sorry for what may seem like a simple question.  I've not been working this on a regular basis.  I've been digging on this site and through my references for the past day and can't really find a good or clear answer.

I'm trying to figure out the difference between an ONS and a CNS.  I haven't been able to find an official definition for ONS, it always leads me to a (J)UONS, which indicates maybe the term has changed?

For CNS, the only definition I can find on this site is.  

The part for this defintion that has me puzzled is the reference to "software solution":  A high-level capture of mission deficiencies, or enhancements to existing operational capabilities, features, interoperability needs, legacy interfaces and other attributes that provides enough information to define various software solutions as they relate to the overall threat environment.

Anyway, I would appreciate any assistance on what is the difference between an ONS and CNS and how that impacts the process to fill the cpaability gap.  I'm assuming one of those differences is time required to address the gap, but I'm not sure on what other differences may be.

Respect Always,


Picture Placeholder: ROBERT HAY
6/28/2022 8:21 AM

I'm looking for a POC to discuss using existing MNS/ORD to execute a major platform redesign to re-meet requirements.

I'm unable to go into detail on the discussion board but need to talk with someone much smarter than I am in this area.



Picture Placeholder: ROBERT HAY
6/21/2022 3:21 PM

My name is Sammie Davis and I work in the J7 at JPRA Assession Division.  I am the Program Quality Control Analyst III for the Assession Division.  My primary role and responsibility is to draft CRDs and ICDs for support the SOW development process and contract negotiations.  I am a retired Army Logistics, Contracting and Acquisition SME for 34 years of service.   I have completed most of the DAU  pre-requisite courses and learned a great deal through the refreshers.  No questions at this time - happy to be part of the group.  Looks like a great resource.  Thanks for the invite!

Picture Placeholder: dau0635300056
  • dau0635300056
4/18/2022 8:29 AM

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