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Picture Placeholder: KYLE SANTOS
59/6/2018 2:47 PM


I am with DCMA and I am working on completing my Level II certification. At DCMA we do not have much if any experience with the pre-award side of the house. I am looking for information on how a KO can increase the use of small business. I found a powerpoint on this site titled "Best Practices for Maximizing Small Business Participation ODA Brief.pptx" I was hoping someone could answer what does ODA stand for. If anyone has a more straright forward document or if maybe I am missing an obvious resource I could be investigating. I know in training we talked about small business set asides, and that for certain times of small businesses that they can claim a slightly higher price, I just can't seem to located where this information is posted so I can verify If I am correct.

JOSEPH SCARPA5/12/2022 4:48 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: JOSEPH SCARPA
05/12/2022 4:44 PM

​If FAR 28.102 requires a Payment Bond from Contractor--small business or otherwise--and the Contractor will 100% self-perform, i.e., no subcontractors for which a payment bond purports to protect, can Contracting Officer waive the payment bond requirement, thereby saving the [small business] Contractor and taxpayer a typical two percent of the contract price?

If not, I welcome legislative relief to the above effect.

5/12/2022 4:44 PMNo
410/2/2019 9:17 AM

​This is Dr. Robinson, Small Business Professor for Defense Acquisition University.  At the SBTW2019, I introduced a new SBP Checklist (Draft) that provides areas in the acquisition process that an SBP should engage and add value.  The checklist is a guide and not a "one size fits all" approach.  If you would like to have a copy of the checklist, please email post here and you can also email me at

ADRIANA KUHR1/12/2022 12:08 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: DEAN DICKAU
01/23/2020 12:56 PM

​Summary:   Currently, there are latency issues regarding updates to the DFARS posted on the website.   Although DoD is working to resolve this issue, this is a reminder that the official version of the DFARS is posted on the Defense Pricing and Contracting / Defense Acquisition Regulations System website referenced above.


1/23/2020 12:56 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: DANIEL DUCKWITZ
48/26/2019 1:02 PM

By popular demand (Ms. Washington asking me) I am sharing my appearence on the Small Business Success Tips podcast with Neil McDonnell of the GovCon Chamber.  Any feedback on how I could have improved should I do any other is appreciated.

Direct Link -

DANIEL DUCKWITZ12/9/2019 12:15 PMNo

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