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Picture Placeholder: dau0930100508
  • dau0930100508
16/30/2022 1:18 PM

What is the competition requirement for a SBIR Phase III?  Can a subsequent Phase III contract be awarded sole-source to a contractor who is currently performing on a Phase III contract for the same work.  Example: Company A is performing on a Phase III satellite modernization effort, the program office would like to continue this same effort after current Phase III contract ends, can the subsequent Phase III contract be awarded to the incumbent without competition. 

Picture Placeholder: KYLE SANTOS
59/6/2018 2:47 PM


I am with DCMA and I am working on completing my Level II certification. At DCMA we do not have much if any experience with the pre-award side of the house. I am looking for information on how a KO can increase the use of small business. I found a powerpoint on this site titled "Best Practices for Maximizing Small Business Participation ODA Brief.pptx" I was hoping someone could answer what does ODA stand for. If anyone has a more straright forward document or if maybe I am missing an obvious resource I could be investigating. I know in training we talked about small business set asides, and that for certain times of small businesses that they can claim a slightly higher price, I just can't seem to located where this information is posted so I can verify If I am correct.

JOSEPH SCARPA5/12/2022 4:48 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: JOSEPH SCARPA
05/12/2022 4:44 PM

​If FAR 28.102 requires a Payment Bond from Contractor--small business or otherwise--and the Contractor will 100% self-perform, i.e., no subcontractors for which a payment bond purports to protect, can Contracting Officer waive the payment bond requirement, thereby saving the [small business] Contractor and taxpayer a typical two percent of the contract price?

If not, I welcome legislative relief to the above effect.

5/12/2022 4:44 PMNo
410/2/2019 9:17 AM

​This is Dr. Robinson, Small Business Professor for Defense Acquisition University.  At the SBTW2019, I introduced a new SBP Checklist (Draft) that provides areas in the acquisition process that an SBP should engage and add value.  The checklist is a guide and not a "one size fits all" approach.  If you would like to have a copy of the checklist, please email post here and you can also email me at [email protected].

ADRIANA KUHR1/12/2022 12:08 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: DEAN DICKAU
01/23/2020 12:56 PM

​Summary:   Currently, there are latency issues regarding updates to the DFARS posted on the website.   Although DoD is working to resolve this issue, this is a reminder that the official version of the DFARS is posted on the Defense Pricing and Contracting / Defense Acquisition Regulations System website referenced above.


1/23/2020 12:56 PMNo

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