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SE Planning
Formulates the approach to conduct, manage, and control all the technical activities.
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SE Processes
Provides a framework and methodology to plan, manage, and implement technical activities throughout the system life cycle.
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Design Considerations
Areas that may affect the requirements, design, or operational concept of a system.
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Picture Placeholder: MITCHELL WOODS
07/5/2022 9:52 PM

Integrating human performance considerations into the defense acquisition system can present substantial challenges for Human Systems Integration (HSI) practitioners and stakeholders. The DAU HSI Community of Practice (CoP) provides a unique resource in this pursuit, offering a convenient platform to share knowledge aimed at achieving effective and relevant HSI practice across government, industry, and academia. Learn more about HSI as a Specialty Engineering discipline described within DODI 5000.88 for incorporating human needs during system design at the following resources:


OUSD(R&E) HSI website:

7/5/2022 9:52 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: rcshanah
  • rcshanah
03/26/2021 7:43 AM

The agenda for the 2021 Model-Based Enterprise Summit can be viewed on the event web page at:

The 2021 Summit will take place during the week of April 12-16. This twelfth event of the series will be on-line only and will combine asynchronous talks with real-time meetings and workshops. Included in this year's event will be kickoff sessions for the Technical Language Processing Community of Interest.  

The goal of the MBE Summit is to identify challenges, implementation issues, and lessons learned in design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sustainment of products and processes where digital models provide an authoritative source of information for activities across a product's lifecycle. The theme of the MBE Summit 2021 is Supporting Resilient Supply Chains with MBE. The current global pandemic has highlighted the need to improve the flexibility of manufacturing supply chains. Doing so requires insight generated by manufacturing analytics using reliable and trustworthy data and information. The MBE Summit will focus on the important role of MBE in generating this data, information, and insight.

If you've already registered, we thank you!  If not, please note that registration is required.  There is no registration or attendance fee. You can reach the registration page via the event site or directly at:

3/26/2021 7:43 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: rcshanah
  • rcshanah
03/26/2021 7:41 AM

Join the SERC and ESI on the fourth day of the IDEW '21 for a special panel:
International Digital Enablement Week 2021
Friday | 16 April 2021
TIME: 8:30 - 11:30 AM ET 
As high-tech systems become more and more complex and the number of system variants grows, the high-tech industry seeks methods and tools to manage the consequences for their business (e.g., in terms of time-to-market, risks and costs in R&D, service, manufacturing, transport and installation). Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is an approach to systems engineering for which successful applications have been reported in dedicated industries such as defence and aerospace.
  • Dinesh Verma, Executive Director, Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) - Chair
  • Brynn Watson, VP for Digital Transformation, Lockheed Martin - Keynote
  • Jacco Wesselius, Project Leader, ESI (TNO)
  • Paul Schreinemakers, Expert Systems Engineer, How2SE
  • Ryan Noguchi, Director, Space Architecture Department, Aerospace Corporation
  • Michael Vinarcik, Chief Systems Engineer and Adjunct Professor, SAIC and Detroit Mercy University
  • Vincent Capony, Systems Engineering Consultant (CEO), Geni6
  • Chris Watkins, Sr Project Manager, Advanced Flight Deck, Gulf Stream Aerospace Corporation
  • Wouter Leibbrandt, Director Science and Operations, ESI (TNO). Co-Chair

In the webinar, co-organised by SERC and ESI, an ESI-study team will share their insights in MBSE for the commercial high-tech industry and speakers from SERC and from the industry will share their knowledge and experience regarding practical application of MBSE in a wide range of applications. Together with its industrial and academic partners, ESI has started a study to analyse how MBSE can also be successfully applied in companies such as ASML, Canon CPP, Philips, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Vanderlande.

LEARN MORE - International Digital Enablement Week 2021 

Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), a University-Affiliated Research Center (UARC) of the US Department of Defense, leverages the research and expertise of faculty, staff, and student researchers from more than 20 collaborating universities throughout the United States. SERC is unprecedented in the depth and breadth of its reach, leadership, and citizenship in Systems Engineering.


3/26/2021 7:41 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: dau11355000342
  • dau11355000342
03/24/2021 6:01 PM


Shot in the dark but I am looking for expertise or someone to point me in the right direction in regards to threat testing. This can be white papers, POCs, or just articles from research. Ideally, id want to get a POC who is an expert on the subject or academia. To be more specific, im interested in the systems engineering perspective of survivability and its subsets: susceptability and vulnerability. This may include methodologies, analysis techniques, etc.


Some background: I am working on a white paper addressing concerns of Threat-Based Testing in regards to space systems. My goal is to help identify and implement solutions across the lifecycle. I know DAU has some work on this but many examples relate to Air-centric acquisitions. Some components of the examples translate but not all and I hope to address this in the paper. While my expertise has led me to see many observations (and derive my own solutions), it would be a foul for me to say what ive witnessed is the full representation.


Any help is appreciated. If you decide to reach out to me via this forum, I can provide credentials and validity through government channels (NIPR).


Thank you for the help.

Kenn Carpenter 




3/24/2021 6:01 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Robbie Pradhan
  • Robbie Pradhan
117/7/2017 9:16 AM

What topical areas would you like to see that would benefit the SE Community?

WENDY GOLDEN3/25/2020 12:30 PMNo

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