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SE Processes

The systems engineering (SE) processes are methods to be used by contractor and Government organizations to provide a framework and methodology to plan, manage, and implement technical activities throughout the acquisition life cycle. The eight technical management processes provide a consistent framework for managing technical activities and identifying the technical information and events critical to the success of the program. The eight technical processes ensure the system design and the delivered capability reflect the requirements that the stakeholders have expressed.  Information on the SE technical management processes and technical processes are found in the DAG Chapter 3 Section 4 Additional Planning Considerations, and are depicted in DAG Chapter 3 Figure 2 Systems Engineering Processes. This topical area contains additional information on the SE processes. Technical Planning Process Requirements Management Process Risk Management Process Configuration Management Process Technical Data Management Process Interface Management Process Decision Analysis Process Technical Assessment Process Stockholder Requirements Definition Process Requirements Analysis Process Architecture Design Process Implementation Process Integration Process Verification Process Validation Process Transition Process

A blue upside down triangle with arrows indicating the SE process flow

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