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VECP Settlement

VECP Settlement Contractor Begins VECP Implementation; Records Change Configuration Government Definitizes VECP Contractor Delivers VECP Unit(s) Government Pays Settlement go to VECP Approval

Contractor Begins VECP Implementation; Records Change Configuration


  • As a part of the VECP implementation process, the contractor must record the ECP that changes to the drawing to incorporate (or allow) the VECP configuration on contracts where the government retains configuration control.
  • It is usually the last step because it is done after the change has been complete and the new drawings are finalized.

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Government Definitizes the VECP


  • Definitizing implies reaching an agreement on future per unit savings and the schedule for repayment of NRE and other upfront contractor/government investment.
  • The definitizing contract modification generally occurs on the first contract where a VECP unit is delivered.
  • Expeditious processing encourages additional VECPs from the contractor.
    • Alpha contracting process helpful.
  • PCO action with assist from PM/IPT/VE POC.
  • Try to accommodate contractor's value proposition.
  • Minimize administrative requirements.

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