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Software Product Specification SPS Data Item Description DID

The Software Product Specification (SPS) contains or references the executable software, source files, and software support information, including "as built" design information and compilation, build, and modification procedures, for a Computer Software Configuration Item (CSCI).  The SPS can be used to order the executable software and/or source files for a CSCI and is the primary software support document for the CSCI.  This Data Item Description (DID) is used when the developer is tasked to prepare executable software, source files, "as built" CSCI design, and/or related support information for delivery. The SPS DID (DI-IPSC-81441) can be found on the DoD DLA ASSIST website at http://quicksearch.dla.mil/qsDocDetails.aspx?ident_number=205920. BOV

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Software Product Specification SPS Data Item Description DID
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