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SE Planning and Processes


Systems Engineering Planning

Systems Engineering planning, as documented in the Systems Engineering Plan (SEP), formulates the approach to conduct, manage and control all the technical activities to deliver a desired capability. SE Planning begins with the identification and decomposition of user needs and concepts, and progresses through development, delivery and sustainment of the final product. The Systems Engineering Guidebook provides overarching guidance on the systems engineering discipline, its activities and processes, and its practice in defense acquisition programs. This topical area contains information on SE Planning for DoD acquisitions. 




Systems Engineering Processes

SE processes are used by contractor and Government organizations to provide a framework and methodology to plan, manage and implement technical activities throughout the acquisition life cycle. SE planning and execution should focus on applying the processes and tools in a rigorous, integrated, and disciplined manner to achieve a system solution that balances performance, cost, schedule, and risk.


Technical Management Processes

Technical management processes are applicable to all acquisition pathways, providing a consistent framework for managing technical activities, as well as identifying the technical information and events critical to the success of the program. Technical information includes controlled unclassified information (CUI) as well as classified and unclassified Critical Technical Information (CTI) about DoD sponsored research, technology, programs, and systems being acquired.


Technical Processes

Technical processes ensure the system design and the delivered capability reflect the requirements that the stakeholders have expressed.