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Corrosion Prevention and Control

Corrosion Prevention and Control 

The corrosion of military equipment and facilities costs the DoD over $20 billion annually. In addition, corrosion degrades system availability, safety, and ESOH factors. Therefore, acquisition officials should fully consider corrosion prevention and mitigation as early as possible in the acquisition life cycle and should implement appropriate strategies to minimize the life cycle impact. 

Sound corrosion prevention and control (CPC) planning reduces life cycle costs, improves maintainability and availability, and enhances ESOH compliance. The DoD Corrosion Prevention and Control Planning Guidebook for Military Systems and Equipment (MS&E) (i.e., CPC Planning Guidebook) helps PMs, Systems Engineers, PSMs, and other program staff develop and execute a comprehensive CPC approach. 

DoDI 5000.85, DoDI 5000.67 and DoDD 4151.18 require CPC planning and execution for all acquisition programs across the life cycle. In accordance with DoDI 5000.88, Section 3.7.c., the PM is responsible for identifying and evaluating corrosion considerations throughout the acquisition and sustainment phases to reduce, control, or mitigate corrosion. The PM, Systems Engineer, and Lead Software Engineer should conduct CPC planning, ensure corrosion control requirements are included in the system design and verified as part of test and acceptance programs, and include CPC management and design considerations in the SEP and LCSP. DoDI 5000.91 further integrates CPC planning into sustainment. Also, see the Systems Engineering Guidebook, Section 5.5, and the DoD Corrosion Prevention and Control Planning Guidebook for Military Systems and Equipment.