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Critical Safety Items

Critical Safety Item 

A Critical Safety Item (CSI) is a part, assembly, or support equipment whose failure could cause loss of life, permanent disability or major injury, loss of a system, or significant equipment damage. Special attention should be placed on CSIs to prevent the potential catastrophic or critical consequences of failure. CSI laws, policies, regulations, and guidance intend to avoid hazards through mitigating receipt of defective, suspect, improperly documented, unapproved, and fraudulent parts having catastrophic potential.  

Program Managers conduct CSI analysis to ensure DoD acquisition programs who enter into contracts involving CSIs do so only with resources approved by the Design Control Activity (DCA). The DCA is defined by law as the systems command of a Military Department having responsibility for design of a given part and for the preparation and currency of engineering drawings and other technical data for that part. The DCA is responsible for the airworthiness or seaworthiness certification of the system in which a CSI is used. 

For more information on CSIs as a design consideration, see the Systems Engineering Guidebook, Section 5.6.