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Insensitive Munitions

Insensitive Munitions 

The term “Insensitive Munitions” (IM) implies that unanticipated stimuli will not produce an explosive yield, in accordance with MIL-STD-2105 (Hazard Assessment Tests for Non-Nuclear Munitions).  IM is a component of explosives ordnance safety described in 10 USC 2389, which specifies that it is the responsibility of DoD to ensure IM under development or procurement are safe, to the extent practicable, throughout development and fielding when subjected to unplanned stimuli, (e.g., electro-magnetic interference, vibration or shock). Designing with Insensitive Munitions in mind helps minimize the probability of inadvertent initiation and the severity of subsequent collateral damage to weapon platforms, logistic systems, and personnel when munitions are subjected to unanticipated stimuli during manufacture, handling, storage, transport, deployment, or disposal, or due to accidents or action by an adversary.  For more information on Insensitive Munitions as a design consideration, see the Systems Engineering Guidebook, Section 5.10.