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Physical Configuration Audit

​Physical Configuration Audit (PCA)

The Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) is a formal examination of the “as-built” configuration of the system or a configuration item against its technical documentation to establish or verify its product baseline. The objective of the PCA is to resolve any discrepancies between the production-representative item that has successfully passed OT&E and the associated documentation currently under configuration control. A successful PCA provides the MDA with evidence that the product design is stable, the capability meets end-user needs, and production risks are acceptably low. At the conclusion of the PCA, the final product baseline is established and all subsequent changes are processed by formal engineering change action. The PCA is mandatory per DoDI 5000.88, Section 3.5.a. Further information can be found in MIL-HDBK-61 (Configuration Management Guidance) and the Systems Engineering Guidebook, Section 3.8