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Software Engineering 

Software is critical to national security, an integral part of every DoD weapon system, and vital to future battlefield dominance. Software has become ubiquitous and increasingly significant to every warfighting system. Software is a key element in all advanced warfighting cyber physical weapon systems and a driver of system performance, capability, security, functionality, complexity, and risk. 

The purpose of software engineering is to influence the processes for software and system architecture, design, and development and to increase the rate of newly fielded mission capabilities to the warfighter. Properly planned software engineering processes can mitigate cost and schedule risks by allowing DoD programs to identify and remove software-related technical debt early in development. This early action can increase acquisition efficiency and lead to higher success rates during operational testing and during operations and sustainment. For more information on software engineering, please refer to the Systems Engineering Guidebook, Section 2.2.4, and the Software Engineering website