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Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management 

Warfighters use spectrum-dependent systems for communications, sensors (i.e., radar), navigation beacons, jammers, homing devices, anti-Improvised Explosive Devices, and other purposes. Often emitters are in physical proximity to each other and to civilian devices that should not be disrupted by military signals. Spectrum-dependent developers should be aware of the enemy electronic order of battle and countermeasures, and should plan accordingly. Devices (including commercial items) that do not account for countermeasures may have vulnerabilities in hostile environments. 

Spectrum management requirements are needed for all spectrum-dependent systems. Any system that uses an antenna or a platform that mounts such systems is a spectrum-dependent system. If a platform obtains a spectrum-dependent system as government-furnished equipment (GFE), the platform PM is responsible for ensuring that the GFE PM has obtained the needed permissions. Both programs are required to submit a Spectrum Supportability Risk Assessment (SSRA). The platform SSRA can reference the GFE SSRA but may have to expand upon it regarding host-nation features or other information not contained in the GFE-level SSRA. For more information on Spectrum Management as a design consideration, see the Systems Engineering Guidebook, Section 5.19.