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Defense Standardization Program (DSP)

Identifies, develops, manages, and provides access to standardization processes and products for the defense community to promote interoperability, reduce cost, and sustain readiness.

Standardization supports the achievement of commonality and interoperability of parts and processes with United States forces and our allies, promotes safety, provides for life cycle sustainment, and allows for rapid, cost-effective technology insertion through use of system interfaces compliant with widely supported and consensus-based standards and modular open systems. Standardization is an enabling tool to provide the warfighter with systems and equipment that are interoperable, reliable, sustainable, and affordable, contributing to improved HSI. Standardization also plays a role in defining SE best practices and processes. 
The PM balances the decision to use international standardization agreements, NGS, practices, products, parts, processes, interfaces, and methods with required capabilities, operational environment, technology feasibility and growth and cost-effectiveness. 
DoDM 4120.24 provides processes on standardization considerations, how to document standardization decisions, and a discussion of the tailoring of standardization documents. It also provides references to resources for the standardization process. For more information on Standardization as a design consideration, see the Systems Engineering Guidebook, Section 5.20.